Do you have an apartment or an entire house to renovate? Maybe you want to modernize an older home? Renovations require early planning and an allocated budget depending on the cost of materials and labor.  Our services include, but are not limited to: modernization of kitchens and bathrooms, renovations of balconies and basements, rooms, replacement of interior doors, partitions and scaffolding,  all for a useful, functional, modern and elegant space.

We take care of all aspects of the renovation project at all different stages. 


For the safety of you and your family, electrical work must be performed by specialists. In this sense, our team comes to your aid, offering you a generous range of complete services, even in emergency situations. Such an essential thing for a home, such as the electrical system, should not be treated superficially, so make sure that you do not compromise and that you do not take unnecessary risks. As soon as you notice faults in the electrical installation, call an expert to solve the problem as soon as possible. Also, if you need a new job, the replacement of the current one or, simply, maintenance, you can confidently call on the services offered by our company.


If you are building or renovating your house, you must keep in mind that the plumbing and electrical installation will offer you the safety and comfort you need now and in the future. For all these, we have the latest technologies and we can offer you solutions for any type of electrical and sanitary work. We use high-performance equipment and materials, at the level of European standards, which ensure the execution at a high quality level of all the works performed. We make impeccable works both from a FUNCTIONAL and AESTHETIC point of view at unbeatable prices.


Have you decided to paint? Then relax and get ready to enjoy your free time! Refresh your home and restore its shine, with the help of the modern service "We paint in one day", with a guaranteed execution time. In order to bring the feeling of cleanliness and freshness to your home, you will not need to make any effort, you do not have to take a vacation or move from home during the work and you will not need to take care of the final cleaning. In the morning you go to work and in the evening, when you return home, the walls will be ready-painted to the highest quality standard.

Painting Wall

By using the services offered by our company, you reduce the expenses and you have the certainty of prompt and efficient interventions in a short time, the guarantee of works performed with professionalism and seriousness by qualified and authorized personnel. The prices for the maintenance contracts with us start from the amount of 50€ + VAT and vary depending on the number of monthly interventions, the work schedule, the nature of the works, the client history.

Maintenance Man